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Mobile Marketing

More and more people today are using their mobile devices to find and interact with local products, services, and businesses online.  Therefore, companies are using the power of mobile usage to increase traffic to their websites.

This includes having a mobile optimized websites, text message marketing, mobile apps and QR codes.  With text message marketing, you would build a list of targeted mobile subscribers. Once they opt-in, you can text them with offers and information that they want to hear about regarding your business. You can always include a link back to your website in these messages to increase traffic.

With a mobile app, users will actually download your application and stay directly connected with you. This app represents your brand and ultimately results in more direct visits to your website.  QR codes are “Quick Response” bar codes that can be placed on your marketing materials. These codes can contain a lot of information and can be scanned by mobile users. Once scanned, these codes can send users to any online destination you choose, including your website.

While all of these methods can be powerful for generating more visitors for your website, the main thing you need is a “mobile-optimized” website. Sending mobile traffic to the desktop version of your website is not a good idea.  Regular websites are not meant for mobile viewing. So if your website is not optimized for mobile, these potential prospects will have trouble accessing and navigating your site.  When encountering websites that are not mobile-friendly, mobile users will experience slow loading times – if they load at all.

The problem is that most of them won’t wait for the site to load more than a few seconds.  If the site does load, it is nearly impossible for the user to find the information they need. The site is skewed and requires a lot of pinching and scrolling, which takes effort and more time than a user is willing to spend.  So in order to capitalize on the massive amount of mobile internet users, businesses must have a mobile-friendly website.  People do not want to go through hoops just to find quick information on their mobile device.

If your site is not mobile-ready, you are possibly ignoring a huge portion of traffic that has indicated some type of interest in your product or service.  The good news is that this can be fixed with a responsive web design or stand-alone mobile site that will allow your site to fit comfortably on mobile devices.

Mobile users are high-value prospects for local businesses because they are usually looking to take some type of action right away when performing a local mobile search.  So you definitely should not ignore having a mobile site that is convenient and easy for them to use.

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